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Rose Oudh Golapi Scented Candle


Made with our own unique blend of luxury waxes infused with maximum levels of fragrance oils leaving a lasting aroma.  Approximate 50 hours of burn time. 200g / 7.05oz

Our Candles are hand poured, hand finished and eco-friendly being made with soy wax and a wick which is 100% cotton, to allow a clean even burn utilising the full wax pool.  Our candles have an approximate burn time of 50 hours when lit.  We have a wide range of Oudh scented candles to choose from having been made in the United Kingdom manufactured Wax Concepts, utilising the finest high quality and bespoke Oudh fragrance oil uniquely sourced directly by ourselves.
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Discover the allure of “Golapi” – Rose, an oudh-based candle by Assam Aroma. With captivating notes of patchouli, balsam, cedar, and spiced musk, this candle creates an enchanting ambiance. Let the intoxicating fragrance transport you to a world of elegance and sensuality. Ignite your desires with Intense Rose.

Immerse your home in the enchanting aroma of a blooming rose garden with Assam Aroma’s handmade candle. Our exquisite blend combines the hand-picked Oudh oil from Bangladesh with the timeless elegance of rose, creating a fragrance that captivates your senses and transforms your spaces into a haven of floral bliss. 

As the candle burns, delicate notes of rose intertwine with the rich, woody allure of Oudh, enveloping your home in a symphony of captivating scents. Experience the beauty and serenity of a garden of roses within your own space and let Assam Aroma’s handmade candle transport you to a fragrant paradise.

This luxurious scent is made with refined high quality natural luxury waxes and 100% cotton wicks, to achieve a long and even clean burn.

Approximate 50 Hours Burn time.

200g / 7.05oz

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