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Purush Scented Candle


Made with our own unique blend of luxury waxes infused with maximum levels of fragrance oils leaving a lasting aroma.  Approximate 50 hours of burn time.

 Our Candles are hand poured, hand finished and eco-friendly being made with soy wax and a wick which is 100% cotton, to allow a clean even burn utilising the full wax pool.  Our candles have an approximate burn time of 50 hours when lit.  We have a wide range of Oudh scented candles to choose from having been made in the United Kingdom manufactured Wax Concepts, utilising the finest high quality and bespoke Oudh fragrance oil uniquely sourced directly by ourselves.
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A Sophisticated full bodied Oudh fragrance that warms the heart of any home, elegantly blended with hues of patchouli, balsam, cedar and spiced musk. A real Classic fragrance that screams majestic opulence.

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