Nari | For Women

Quite simply, a masterpiece, indeed, Assam Aroma’s Nari inspires and reveals itself in chapters.

The preface; a companion that is robust, but never heavy. Classic without being déjà vu. A fragrance that stands for tradition in a way that transcends time.

As the story develops: A chypre exhibiting at every stage an invisible precision. Signing its individuality with a vigorous dose of Agarwood – but one that never bites. Illuminated by Lemon and Sugar. The crescendo: Finely balanced with Rose and White Blossom. The finale: Oudh, Vanilla Bean, Cedar and White Musk.

A perfume with facets that chime in time. A perfume story that enchants.


Top; Roses Vanille

Middle; Lemon, Sugar

Base; Oudh, Vanilla Bean, Cedar, White Musk

Includes essential oils of; Oudh, Lemon