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Lilly – Poddha-Ful




Introducing Lilly, a candle inspired by the enchanting Bangladeshi Water lilly – Poddha-Ful. Experience the essence of a blooming flower in your room as Lilly gracefully infuses the air with its fresh, captivating fragrance. Indulge in the beauty of nature and let Lilly light up your space. Elevate your senses today.


Indulge in the serene beauty of a blossoming garden with Assam Aroma’s handmade candle. Our exquisite fusion of hand-picked oud oil from Bangladesh and the delicate essence of Lilly creates a captivating fragrance that transports your home to a tranquil oasis. 


Like the enchanting water lilies found in Bangladesh, this candle envelops your spaces with the aroma of a blooming garden of roses. Let the delicate notes of Lilly intertwine with the richness of oud, filling every corner with a mesmerizing scent that captivates your senses and creates an ambiance of natural elegance. Transform your home into a fragrant haven with Assam Aroma’s handmade candle.


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