Corporate & social responsibility

Sustainability and the Environment

Assam Aroma packaging is the first contact you will have with our brand, and it is an important part of our customer experience. We aim to maintain a high standard for our packaging in terms of design, and to protect our products as they are delivered to you. We also strive to minimise our impact on the environment as far as possible, and are constantly working to redevelop our products and packaging in line with this policy.

We have highlighted below which of our products can be recycled, are sourced from recyclable materials or are biodegradable, and where we are currently working to improve our resource efficiency.

Outer Packaging

Boxes – All our boxes, are made of fully recyclable paper and are FSC approved.

Animal Testing

All Assam Aroma products are vegan. We never test any of our products or their ingredients on animals, nor do we commission or condone any such testing to be done on our behalf.